My steps after Ubuntu LTS 14.04 Trusty Tahr installation

Upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04 was a real no-pain-no-gain feast.

My Acer Laptop has two graphic cards: an ordinary Intel and a nVida 640m. Probablly because of this I had to try twice before looking at a good Trusty installation, struggling with the infamous low-graphics mode error.

Now my Tahr is up and running and these are the steps I’ve made after the first boot.

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Rudnik Nelson - Slipping Consequence, 2014

a generative portrait created using a homebrew processing app programmed by the artist.

(via fyprocessing)


Hypnotic circles - this Processing code generates 15 circles with different size changing it (and color) using noise() function (Perlin noise).

Live animation


(via tutoprocessing)

Noising Freud

5 Processing perlin noise variations applied to a Lucian Freud paint.

André Wee is a twenty three year old Illustrator, Photographer and Visual artist from Singapore.

(Source: cross-connect, via tutoprocessing)

Me 3d

A 3d scanning of me, by Martin Romeo, via ReconstructMe + Sketchfab.


Day 2 : Image manipulation using perlin noise

(via tutoprocessing)